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W-8eci vs w-9 Form: What You Should Know

Form W-8. Tax Forms W-8 (T) and W-9 (PV) — US Individual Tax The W-8 and W-9 forms are used for nonresident aliens who are nonresidents or residents in the US. Forms W-8 and W-9 are used to submit to the IRS a non-refundable payment to pay the federal income tax. What is the difference between the W-8 and W-9? The W-8 and W-9 is a document that is filled out by a resident, nonresident, or nonresident alien. When filing the Form W-8 or the W-9 on behalf of your business, it is the business that is using it.  The Form W-8 and W-9 form is very different from the Form W-2 or Form W-3 as it only requires a resident, nonresident, or nonresident alien to fill out. Filing Tax Forms W-8 and W-9: What's the Difference? The form must be filed if the person is in the US for tax purposes. The Form W-8 and W-9 are required for all foreign persons that are nonresident, nonresident alien, or resident aliens. However, the IRS doesn't require a foreign individual to file a Form W-10X if that Form W-10X has the names of US companies on it.  If a nonresident alien is in the US and doesn't have a Form W-8, you are allowed to add your employee's Form W-8 onto your Form 1040 unless that Form W-8 says it applies to the worker. The Form W-8 or a Form W-9 is also required if you are filing from a foreign country. However, you don't have to file for the purpose of avoiding tax to foreign citizens or resident aliens if the foreign country has a U.S. tax treaty. If you have a need to file for other reasons, such as because the Form W-8 isn't correct or isn't complete, such as showing the right year, make, or model of vehicle or boat, the IRS may make an examination of your Form W-8. However, if you don't need to file a Form W-8, you can complete it on your own or sign your form voluntarily. If you have a business entity, the U.S. government may also examine a Form W-9.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing W-8eci vs w-9

Instructions and Help about W-8eci vs w-9

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