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How do I get my cvv number with only my credit card number?
The CVV is the result of an algorithm which calculates elements of both the card number and the expiration date. If you ever try to use the old CVV for an expired card or key the wrong expiration with the correct CVV, it won’t work.The CVV is there to protect you, the cardholder, from unauthorized use on the credit card. It, in theory, ensures that the person making a “Card Not Present” (CNP) purchase has the card in hand and can see the CVV. Of course, if you could guess or calculate it using the card number alone or the card number with the expiration date, then it really wouldn't be serving its purpose in protecting you.The only legitimate way to make an online purchase with your card is to wait until you have your card in hand or, if it’s lost, have Customer Service overnight you a new one. Most card companies will do this.If you have a relationship with the Merchant, you can contact them and see if they’ll process the card as a card present transaction without the CVV, but they will pay a higher Interchange fee for taking the added risk.
How are expiration dates assigned to foods?
The ‘date of minimum durability• describes the shelf-life of a food  product. It is the date until which a food product retains its specific  properties when properly stored. The date of minimum durability of a  food must be indicated by a ‘best-before• or a ‘use-by• date.A ‘best-before• date will reflect the quality of a food  product e.g. taste, aroma, appearance, rather than the safety of the  product. Typically a best-before date is declared on food products such  as canned, dried and frozen foods. A ‘use-by’  date is used on food products which, from a microbiological point of  view, are highly perishable and are therefore likely after a short  period, to constitute a danger to health. This applies to most chilled  foods e.g. yogurt, milk, meat. The manufacturers of the food product are responsible for determining an  accurate and consistent shelf-life, as manufacturers are more familiar  with the nature of, and ingredients used, in a final food. It is not up  to the retailer to establish a best-before or use-by date of any food  product. Manufacturers must conduct studies to determine if the food product  complies with microbiological criteria throughout the products  shelf-life. Usually, the Food Safety Board of each country comes up with a set of guidelines that helps the manufacture determine this date.In case of Medicines, the  expiry date of a medicine is calculated on the basis of a study called  the stability study, which is conducted at different temperatures and  relative humidity conditions. Based on the results of the study the  expiry date is calculated. sources: Best-before and Use-by Dates
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